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As a young child, I had an imaginary playmate.  I used to insist that my mother set a place for him at the table.  Years later, I recognized that my "imaginary" friend was an angel. 


At a birthday party for the young girls in my Bluebirds group, I watched as a friend was unwrapping her presents.  One present started out as a large box, with successive smaller boxes in each box. As she got to the last one, I blurted out the name of her gift. Her mother wasn't amused.  That gift of knowledge appearing to me continued to grow and I found it made people uncomfortable, so I kept it to myself.  Being called "weird" became a regular thing.

Growing older, I was drawn to metaphysical ideas and concepts.  Ancient Egypt, dreams, Master Jesus, and so on.  This led me to investigate Astrology, Numerology, Buddhism and other esoteric knowledge as I moved through school.


In my early 30's, I was led to a channeled meditation study group, led by an ascended master named Kuthumi.  This group met weekly for 35 years. We were instructed about many things, included meditation, breath work, the Laws and Principles of Energy (Hermetic Doctrine), the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life, working with our aspects/parts, working with our consciousness and how to remove false beliefs, the Rays of Light, interacting with our guides, masters/teachers, and other supportive entities, grounding, working with energy and other concepts/tools.  Utilizing these concepts and tools allowed for deep healing and clearing, which in turn deepened my spiritual abilities.  I continue to practice with this knowledge and experience to expand my consciousness and alignment to the Divine. I bring this connection and integration into all areas of my life experience, including my work of service with others.  It is my calling and purpose in this lifetime.


-Crystal Novak

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