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I would like to share some of my beliefs with you as to what our purpose is here.


We are individuated Sparks of the Divine Mind, sent  here to gain experience; Spiritual beings having a Human experience. Upon the completion of our lives, we return to the Divine, bringing our experiences back to the Whole. In this way, Divine Mind grows and expands Itself, constantly evolving and changing. Thus, we experience Duality, as individuals yet seeking to rejoin to the Divine.

As part of our experience here, we have the gift of Free Will; of choice, which makes it all the more imperative to know ourselves. It is critical to know what thoughts/beliefs we hold in our consciousness for we create our realities from there.

Our external reality is a reflection of our internal reality.  When you make an internal shift, you will see it reflected in your external reality.  

We are unlimited potential, limited only by our perceptions. A shift in perception can result in a shift in your reality. Our perceptions are based in our beliefs, which in turn have been built upon over years of experience.  Often, we don't realize that we are filtering our experiences through these beliefs. This in turn can leave us going in circles as we can't "see" past our current experiences.  Helping you identify and clear these perceptions is part of what I offer in my work.


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